A Very Busy 1st Term

We have had a very busy first term in 1st and 2nd class. We spent time getting to know each other! We got to draw portraits of each other. We are very lucky and get to spend time in the morning solving puzzles and playing games, sometimes the 6th class joins us! 

Every Thursday 1st class is joined by the 6th class and the 2nd class goes up to the 5th class and we take part in a Lego challenge! Everybody has so much fun and we have seen such fantastic creations! 

Ms. Grant helped us to prepare for our first time holding an assembly and it was great! We worked so hard and learned a friendship poem and drew pictures of all our friends. 

We also had to get ready for our first annual Multi-Culture Day! We created a massive jigsaw that had our all countries’ flags in it. We have 18 different cultures in our classroom. It was such an enjoyable day and we cannot wait for the next one.

The whole school took part in our sponsored walk which was to raise money for our new Interactive Board.

Last week was maths week and we had so much fun. We got to try a tricky puzzle every morning and we also joined two webinars for the occasion. We really enjoyed the Table Quiz webinar, over 4,000 different classrooms took part. We hope we win a prize. 

Ms. Grant is really brave and gave us each a tin whistle! We are learning so much and practicing really hard. We know our parents are really loving listening to us! 

This week has been just as busy as we got to start GAA coaching. We had so much fun with our new coaches.