Lights, Camel Action 2!

On Thursday 14th of December all the children from Maryborough National School performed in the Christmas Play-Lights Camel Action 2. John Davidson and his violin players opened the show with a fantastic performance of all the tunes they had been practising in school every Thursday. This play was based on the nativity characters auditioning for a talent show. The characters included- sheep, angels, Nazareth neighbours, Roman soldiers, floor managers, wise men, camels, stars, judges, voiceover, hosts, shepherds and indeed Mary and Joseph. 6th Class led the performance. The children had practised very hard in the lead up to the play and their singing, dancing and acting was superb on the day! A HUGE thank you to 6th Class for all of the art and organisation that went into this spectacle! A HUGE well done to all of the children on their fantastic performance!! We look forward to the next showcase!

Check out the slideshow below of some wonderful photographs from the performance of Lights, Camel Action 2!